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"All Mothers Recommend Allfather's"

It is believed that Allfather's Candy Company dates back to the1880's. The candy company was founded by William Allfather and was located at 335 N. Warren Street, Trenton, NJ. During Allfather's early years, Trenton was a manufacturing powerhouse making every conceivable product from the heavy steel cables supporting the Brooklyn Bridge to the finest porcelain dinnerware for the White House. It has been written that 100,000 cheese steaks were prepared and sold every day to the factory workers at lunchtime.

Eugene Allfather, Jr., son of founder William Allfather, continued to operate the business until 1958. At the age of 72, he sold the candy concern to John Milutus who operated Allfather's for the next 32 years. Mr. Milutus then sold Allfather's to Jim Bartolomei, Virgil Brillantini and Ed DiNatale in 1989. For many years to follow, the three owner's also sold Allfather's Yolk Eggs at their landmark store, Tracy's 5 & 10 on Hamilton Ave. Trenton N.J.